Thursday, August 28, 2008


This week's bad. REALLY REALLY bad for me.

Monday morning, just as I was about to leave home for work, my car's left rear tyre was punctured.

"Bastard!" I thought as I changed the tyre in the rain.

When a misfortune takes place too early in the morning, usually for me, it fucks my whole day up.

As I stood there in the drizzle, hands dirty, spirit dampened, I wondered if the rest of the day will turn out alright.

Nope. That didn't happen. Walking towards my room at the office, our receptionist ran after me. "Return Sandra's call please."

Sandra's the Australian producer, I am the Malaysian equivalent. When she calls, that's usually bad news.

So I called Sandra up, and had to endure 20 minutes of the old hag scolding me about how late my production team is on delivery. Halfway through our 'conversation', in walked my CEO, and signalled for me to see him next.

I went to the big boss's room, and for another 1/2 hour, the screwing I got matched the one I got over the phone. Awful, awful experience.

And on Tuesday, same shit.

The boss was waiting in my room when I returned from lunch. Another round of hell.

Went to check what's wrong with the punctured tyre. A piece of metal stabbed right though it and I had to purchase a brand new one as replacement. I had to fork up RM150.


Today's Thursday , and this morning my wife accidently locked me in the bathroom!

I was taking a dump when she latched the loo's door up from the outside and went immediately downstairs.

It took me some time to figure out what actually happened.

When I came to a realization that I might be trapped in the loo the whole day through, I banged loudly on the door and shouted her name repeatedly, but I was not heard.

Thank God when finally I heard the door grill being opened downstairs. Screamed and shouted like a monkey.

Luckilly the missus heard me this time. I got out from being trapped in the loo in the end.

My oh my, and there's 3 more days left this week. Allah have mercy on me!

May next week be much better than this.


Nen said...

ekekekeke....sorry..will make sure i will never lock the bathroom door from the outside again !!! hmmm so funny le u...and i cant stop laughing the whole day...ekekekekekekek

tembakau said...

bawak2 berehatlah bro- lu pegi laju sangat nihhh... hahahaha!!!
aku teringat scene dalam speed masa bas tu nak lompat antara flyover tu...
"everybody hang onnn!!!"kata kee-ah-nu