Monday, March 1, 2010


My weekend was made upset by the news on national media about the murder of 3-year old Syafia Humairah by her mom's boyfriend.

The bastard slapped, kicked and stepped on Syafia repeatedly like a rag doll on a play field, before the public interfered.

By the time she reached the hospital, Syafia was already dead.

Cause of death: severe abdominal injuries and brain hemorrhage.

The autopsy also found old cigarette burns on her body, which means the abuses have been going on for some time.

The animal(s) who inflict such horrifying abuse on the girl, well, just kill them.

Plain and simple.

I hope that the boyfriend becomes somebody's bitch in prison before they kill him in the most painful way possible.

Binatang betul!


Here's something else about the case that seems dodgy to me.

Since last Friday, the mom was seen crying for the umpteenth times on every TV news hour, saying how much she loves her kid, and and how she didn't know what a heartless animal her boyfriend was, and how she was never gonna trust another man again and shit.

Hey stupid, which mother would miss all the cigarette burnmarks on the body of her 3-year old daughter?

Doesnt she bathe and dress the girl every day?

How can she not notice nor alarmed by such oddities?

And how can she now go around crying for sympathy and claiming her innocence ?

I simply don't buy any of the shit that's coming out of the mom's mouth.

Don't sympathise with her, sentence her as well.

Children are for us to love, care and protect.

That's why I find what happened unacceptable.

These animals just don't know how much having a child means to the childless.


Al-Fatihah for Syafia Humairah.

They can hurt you no more.

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al-fatihah to her.

by the way.. u r very interesting. :)