Monday, December 15, 2008

Madagascar - GNR

No I won't be told anymore
that I've been brought down in this storm
and left so far out from the shore
that I can't find my way back
my way anymore...
Forgive them that tear down my soul
Bless them that they might grow old
and free them so that they may know
that it's never too late
For the many times what seemed like a memory
I search and found the way
you used to lure me in
I found the ways, why it had to be
Mired in denial, and so afraid...
If we ever find it's true
that we have the strength to choose
free of all the chains
we have to together

.... Adakah Axl tau apa yang tengah aku lalui?
... Apasal rasa macam lagu ni dia tulis pasal aku?

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