Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tabahlah Hadapi Dugaan Allah, 'Dik.

Adik went for a slip disc corrective procedure last 23rd April.

It was unfortunate that he ended up in worse pain than before they did the procedure.

The doctor opened up Adik's back, did an operation on him last Thursday 29th April.

But things weren't 100% okay.

After the operation, while he feels less pain and able to walk, he also suffers numbness in parts of his body.

It's gonna take him at least 2 months to undergo further treatment and rehab, remaining in hospital sepanjang rehab.

Be strong, kid brother!

Aku & Pian tetap dengan kau.


Arwah Mak's parting words kat aku sebelum dia coma and then meninggal dulu was, "Jaga adik-adik."

Insyaallah kami tak tinggalkan Adik sorang-sorang di masa sebegini, Mak.

Danial janji.

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