Thursday, October 23, 2008

He cares, see!

Aku baru receive call from Abah.

Ingatkan apa, rupanya he called to say that at 2pm tadi, RTM1 was showing episode 'Mandi Sungai ' from 'Danial' Season 1. Excited benar the old man.

RTM is really weird:

a) why show an animation series at 2 pm, when all the kids are at school or are only returning home from school?
b) why do they keep on repeating the season 1 & 2 shows, when they have sampai season 4 all stocked up?

I thought again, not bad la kalau the series dok diulang tayang. It shows that series aku tu ada following, even if it is shown at odd hours. Not bad at all!

And as the creator, aku tersengih sendiri walau:

a) aku dah tak terlibat dengan that series anymore;
b) tadi the Ausies on my current CJ the DJ project belasah aku tak ingat punya about our deliveries.

Well, that's life... you win some, you lose a lot!

Anyway, thanks Abah sebab layan cerita aku berkali-kali tanpa bosan!

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Nen said...

macam Pelangi....lepas gelap dia datang melakar cantik di kaki langit !!