Friday, October 10, 2008

OBW 2009

Idea & Concept : Bob D & Rimie Blues
Graphics Designer : Hafiz VA

Remember my post "Takde sakit Dalam Padang"?

Well, two days back Mat Rimie contacted me, saying that on Saturday (tomorrow), there will be some sort of STAROBA Raya gathering in KL. And the instruction that we received (from our batch's committee office bearers, of course, not the old boys in the association proper) was to come up with a flyer design so we can place them at the Raya gathering. Mainly we have to do this because them old farts do not have enough confidence in the 1989 batch to plan and execute the Old Boys' Weekend next year.

What I hate most is when people doubt my/our ability to get organised and pull off this event. Like it is ONLY important to them and not us. As if we are less proud of the school than they are. Pathetic pussies!

Yesterday we discussed about it. We wanted to keep it simple yet catchy. Then I talked to one of my team members at Vision Animation, Hafiz Background to help put things on design. I penned the words, and he came up with everything else.

The result is Alhamdulillah very good, in my opinion. Even better when my buddies thought of the same. "Nampak rock," Mat said.

This sure brings back to the time when we were in school. We came up with a T-Shirt design which best describe my batch. It boldly stated: "We don't care what you say!"

So to any Staroba who thinks the flyer design sucks, well, you can just shove it up your ass! See if I care!

p/s: Thanks, Hafiz!

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