Friday, November 28, 2008

Getting into my car to drop him off to the LRT Station, Mark Gravas noticed the CD cover of Nirvana's In Utero on the passenger's seat.

We ended up talking about Led Zep, ACDC and Sabbath.

Throughout the past 2 weeks, I got screamed at by him in the morning, or/and afternoon for whatever that my team failed to do well.

Being professionals (kononnya) , in the evening I'd still drive him to the lrt station. And during the short drive, we'd be talking about normal things like the weather, family, and how important for me to pull this team through or else Sandra (Ausie producer) is gonna continue writing angry mails to my bosses.

The first few days, I just faked the interest, and once this week, I just got my coordinator Wynnie to send him because he was a total asshole that day.

Funny as it is, (and this is not an isolated case either - I've made many friends because they listen to the same music as I do), in the end, it's rock n' roll that brought peace to us.

All the hard feelings in me vanished into thin air when he assured me that "Really, Angus Young kick-arse, Bob! On stage, he's a lunatic!"

Lu pun satu lagi mat saleh gilalah, Mark! Balik la negara lu malam ni!

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